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Here are three juicy audio interviews for your listening pleasure: Bill Horan, host of the “Secrets of Success” show on WHPC radio, asked me to explain how I selected the brands for my book What Great Brands Do.  Listen to our interview to hear the measures I used to qualify a great brand — as […]


What is the one thing about a brand that has stood the test of time? That’s how Moe Abdou, Founder & CEO of 33voices, began his interview of me.  In our in-depth conversation, we cover topics including: what is no longer relevant about brands? what does “brand as business” mean? how are great brands keeping up […]


brand-as-business bit:  I use the term “operationalize” to describe the kind of brand-building I focus on — and to differentiate from expressing, promoting, and marketing a brand.  Operationalizing your brand involves using your brand to shape your organizational culture, to drive your core operations, and to guide your customer experiences. It’s about putting your brand […]