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Organizations across a wide range of sizes, types, and sectors have called on Denise for over 25 years to help solve their toughest challenges.

Denise’s brand-as-business management approach delivers quantitative and qualitative results in all business areas — top-line, bottom-line, and behind the scenes, including:

  • Attracting and retaining more customers because your offerings are grounded in rich insights about how to meet changing demand
  • Sustaining price premiums and higher margins because customers are willing to pay more for brands they are emotionally connected to
  • Strengthening competitive advantage by establishing and leveraging market relevance and brand differentiation
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes by reducing conflicts and silo thinking within your organization
  • Increasing the market value of your business to investors and M&A prospects based on stronger customer equity, more efficient business processes, and intangibles/”goodwill”
  • Experiencing better results in employee recruiting, training, productivity, and retention
  • Shoring up negotiation power with suppliers, channels, etc. due to a stronger market position
  • Having more significant, valuable, and lasting impact by explaining why you do what you do in a way that gives more meaning to your relationships with customers, shareholders, and stakeholders

Restaurants and Retail

Sprouts Farmers Market: prepared for accelerated unit growth with clear brand focus and differentiation

Jack in the Box: made the brand more than just a me-too fast food copycat and galvanized the organization

Brookstone: resurrected the brand from irrelevance and streamlined a complex portfolio of brands and products

Burger King: met the challenge of building sales overnight and building the brand over time with a creative brand strategy

eBags: broke-out of the online marketing trap or price competition and product commoditization

Jamba Juice: transformed a copycat punch-card loyalty program into a brand-building customer relationship builder

Kipling: propelled the brand into new channels and new products with an energizing brand platform and customer segmentation

Dunkin’ Donuts: assessed the opportunity to expand into new markets

Islands Restaurant: increased brand relevance and appeal

Target: developed start-up brands

Health, Fitness, and Wellness

Oakley: focused the brand and organization on a clear vision

Asics: plotted how to tap into a fast-growing market by extending a well-defined brand

Designer Whey: unleashed the potential of a niche product to become a more popular and more profitable lifestyle brand

FritoLay: determined how to break free from old perceptions and establish a believable new brand position

MultiCare Healht System: identified the best way to integrate disparate brands and organizations after an M&A

New Balance: recharged the organization, product development, and marketing efforts with a renewed competitive edge

Road Runner Sports: attracted new customers in new channels with a more dynamic brand platform and increased marketing effectiveness


Sony: unleashed the power of the brand as an internal driver of culture and strategy

Chevron: advanced the adoption and practice of diversity and inclusion as corporate values

ANT+: engaged alliance of partner companies to support their common brand

Bissell: led a successful new product introduction with a persuasive brand platform

Covad: productized an operational competency to create a breakthrough brand

Dell: differentiated Dell’s Public Sector business unit with powerful new brand platform

Denon: charted a bold breakthrough in the sea of consumer electronics sameness

Hitachi: justified a substantial price premium with a strategy grounded in product leadership and brand exclusivity

McIntosh: increased sell-through by inspiring dealers with the brand and developing tools to facilitate customer engagement

Mitchell: leveraged company culture as competitive advantage and initiated customer experience design

Nautica: exploited weaknesses of bigger competitors with a targeted brand relaunch

T-Systems: reclaimed brand leadership in a category replete with copycats and low-cost providers

WOMEN unlimited: made a bigger impact with Fortune 1000 customers by channeling the brand through the sales process

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