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What 2021 Requires from Leaders

January 12, 2021


Topics: Business, Innovation, Leadership

Keywords: innovation, leadership, smartbrief on leadership, Lead in 2021, Growth, Inspiration

Whether you are the head of your organization or a small team leader, you have the opportunity to initiate, invent and inspire — and lead others to make 2021 the best year ever.

Why Your Innovations Aren’t Working

January 12, 2021


Topics: Customer Experience, Business, Innovation, Marketing

Keywords: customer experience innovation, innovation strategy, product innovation, business model innovation

Product innovation alone is not enough.

Get Ready for 2021 with Leadership Principles

December 8, 2020


Topics: Corporate Culture, Culture, Leadership

Keywords: Denise Lee Yohn on Smartbrief, leadership values, leadership principles, leadership training, Neuroleadership Institute, Amazon leadership principles, Marine Corps leadership principles

Leadership principles are like core values specifically for the leaders in your company, and they should be memorable, meaningful, coherent with other expectations, and unique.

Brands To Watch In 2021

December 1, 2020


Topics: Brand Communication, Brand Delivery, Brand Experience, Brand Touchpoints, Business, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing

Keywords: brand trends, brands to watch in 2021, companies to watch in 2021, business trends, best companies in 2021, best brands in 2021

This Brand To Watch In 2021 list provides an alphabet-correlated compilation of brands to keep an eye on.

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