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Link Culture To Performance Through Metrics

May 2, 2023


Topics: Corporate Culture, Culture, Leadership

Keywords: culture, culture-building, culture assessment, Performance, Metrics, KPIs, Culture Metrics, Culture Measurment, OKRs

A new report provides tools and frameworks for measuring and tracking the link between culture and performance.

“Succession” Lesson: Using Your Own Product

April 12, 2023


Topics: Customer Experience, Leadership

Keywords: customer experience, #CX, leadership, leadership habits, leadership practices, Succession, Eat Your Own Dog Food, Dogfooding

Succession, the popular show on HBO, conveys helpful business insights including the importance of you using your own product. 

Engaged Employees Create Better Customer Experiences

April 5, 2023

Harvard Business Review

Topics: Customer Experience, Corporate Culture, Brand Delivery, Culture, Customer Service, Employee Engagement, Leadership

Keywords: customer experience, customer service, leadership, employee experience, EX, EX & CX

Companies should find ways to connect employees and customers regardless of whether “customer service” is in their job description.

Want to Change Your Strategy? Change Your Culture First

March 7, 2023


Topics: Corporate Culture, Culture, Leadership, Strategy

Keywords: culture, brand leadership, core values, brand-culture fusion, FUSION, strategy, brand, Values

Use three criteria for the core values of your organizational culture to drive strategic change.

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