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5 Criteria of a Breakthrough Brand Name

October 8, 2019


Topics: Brand Communication, Brand Names, Business, Marketing

Keywords: branding, Denise Lee Yohn video, brand name, Smartbrief on Brand Leadership, naming, Smartblog on branding

How do you choose a breakthrough brand name? Don’t simply pick a name that you like or just go with your gut. The decision is too important to be made subjectively or left up to chance. Learn in this video the five criteria you should use to select a name for your brand.

The One Customer Experience Management Tool That Every CX Leader Must Use

October 1, 2019


Topics: Customer Experience, Brand Experience, Business, Leadership

Keywords: customer experience management, customer experience leadership, CX strategy, CX leadership, CX Maturity Model, CX competency

The one customer experience management (CEM) tool that every CX leader must use is a CX Maturity Model, a framework that identifies the different areas of development that CX requires, along with key milestones in each area.

Customer Experience Excellence Starts With A Customer Mindset

September 11, 2019


Topics: Customer Experience, Corporate Culture, Brand Touchpoints, Customer Service

Keywords: customer experience, Denise Lee Yohn, customer centricity, customer experience vs. customer service, #CX, CX excellence, customer mindset

How do you achieve CX excellence? In this brand leadership episode, I explain five steps to CX excellence starting with adopting a customer mindset.

Power The Purpose Of A Corporation

September 3, 2019


Topics: Corporate Culture, Business, Leadership, Social Responsibility

Keywords: leadership, overarching purpose, purpose-driven, Purpose of a Corporation, Business Roundtable statement, stakeholder value, purpose of business, business stakeholders

Now that leading executives have stated their commitment to delivering value for all stakeholders, they must put their purpose into practice.

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