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Prepare Your Culture for a Recession

August 9, 2022


Topics: Brand Delivery, Culture, Employee Engagement, Leadership

Keywords: culture, brand leadership, customer intimacy, brand culture alignment, FUSION, recession strategies, Recession, Recession 2022

Building brand-culture alignment and a culture of customer intimacy are key to a recession-proof culture

Boost Return to Office With Brand-Led Office Design

July 12, 2022


Topics: Corporate Culture, Brand Touchpoints, Culture, Design, Employee Engagement

Keywords: employee engagement, employee experience, Hybrid work, remote work, RTO, Return To Office, Office Design, brand-led office design, corporate real estate

Employers struggling with Return to Office (RTO) might want to consider brand-led office design and the role of brand in employee experience.

Employees vs. Customers: Who Is More Important?

June 14, 2022


Topics: Customer Experience, Business, Employee Engagement, Leadership

Keywords: employee engagement, leadership, employee experience, customer engagement, customers or employees, the Southwest way, LInkedIn culture

Denise Lee Yohn provides examples of how companies such as LinkedIn and Southwest Airlines have successfully combined both customer and employee needs.

Start With Why but Don’t Stop There

May 3, 2022


Topics: Business, Leadership

Keywords: mission statement, leadership, start with why, business purpose, purpose, purpose of corporation

You need to do more than start with why; you need to put your why into action.

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