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Spark Customer Experience Innovation With These Three Strategies

March 5, 2019


Topics: Customer Experience, Corporate Culture, Business, Customer Service, Innovation

Keywords: customer experience culture, Kirsty Traill, CX innovation, customer experience innovation, customer experience strategies, CX innovation lab, Neiman-Marcus iLab, Neiman-Marcus CX innovation, Canadian Tire garages, Canadian Tire innovation lab, MultiChoice #ninetynine, MultiChoice innovation, Clint Payne, Hootsuite CX innovation, Hootsuite Owl2Owl, Bose CX innovation, Bose CX bootcamp, O2 CX innovation, O2 customer led

CX innovation must be a deliberate, distinct, disciplined effort.

Why Great Innovation Needs Great Marketing

February 20, 2019

Harvard Business Review

Topics: Business, Innovation, Marketing

Keywords: Denise Lee Yohn, marketing vs. innovation, marketing strategy, marketing trends, innovation trends, Keurig K cup case study, Google glass failure, Harvard Business Review innovation, Harvard Business Review marketing

Ideas don’t sell themselves.

Three Mistakes Gillette Made That Super Bowl Advertisers Should Avoid

January 29, 2019


Topics: Brand Communication, Marketing

Keywords: advertising strategy, Super Bowl advertisers, Gillette ad, Super Bowl ad strategy

Super Bowl advertisers that don’t want to waste their $5+ million investment should learn from the backlash to Gillette’s recent “The Best A Man Can Be” ad.

Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever

January 8, 2019


Topics: Business, Innovation, Marketing

Keywords: Peter Drucker, marketing matters, marketing vs. innovation, marketing in 2019, marketing strategy, marketing definition, marketing trends

As 2019 begins, it’s time to reclaim marketing as a key driver of business.

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