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Get Started With a Minimum Viable Brand

March 10, 2020


Topics: Brand Communication, Brand Delivery, Brand Strategy, Business, Marketing, Small Businss

Keywords: brand strategy, small business brand strategy, brand platform, start-up branding, start-up brand strategy, minimum viable brand, MVB, minimum viable product, entrepreneur brand strategy

A minimum viable brand puts the pieces of your brand in place that provide brand clarity and focus — and leaves the rest of your brand elements until after you’re in the market for awhile and have the resources, feedback and market insights to inform them.

Three Things Small Businesses Should Do To Get Unstuck And Scale

March 3, 2020


Topics: Business, Innovation, Leadership, Small Businss

Keywords: small business growth, start-up growth, how to scale, post start up strategies, TrueSpace, Gallup research, The Five Conditions Assessment, how to grow, entrepreneurs, Charles Fred

A new report from research and consulting firm TrueSpace and Gallup says growth-minded small businesses should narrow their prospects, create predictability in their performance, and seek greater consistency in their offerings.

What Does “Most Valuable Brand” Really Mean?

February 11, 2020


Topics: Brand Value, Business, Leadership, Strategy

Keywords: brand valuation, brand equity, brand value, brand finance, interbrand, brandz, smartbrief on leadership

What does brand valuation really mean?  Is it important?  And if so, how can you calculate how much your brand is worth?

Clay Christensen’s Jobs To Be Done Innovation Theory Challenges Common Innovation And Marketing Methods

February 6, 2020


Topics: Business, Design, Innovation, Marketing, Strategy

Keywords: Clay Christensen, Jobs to Be Done, innovation theory, innovation strategy, innovation framework, personas, use cases, MVP, new product development, marketing innovations

Clay Christensen’s “jobs to be done” theory of innovation presents an approach to how companies introduce successful new products and services that remains counter-intuitive—and relevant—today.

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