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How To Give a Powerful Presentation

September 14, 2021


Topic: Leadership

Keywords: Denise Lee Yohn on Smartbrief, leadership communication, Presentation skills, Presentation tips

This video shows you how to get people’s attention, keep them engaged and have a real impact on them.

Startups Don’t Need More Money— They Need More Customer Insights

September 7, 2021


Topics: Business, Consumer Research, Innovation, Small Businss

Keywords: start-ups, customer insights, start-up success, start-up failure, Lean start-up, Customer Feedback

According to three recent studies, most start-ups don’t necessarily need more money. Start-ups need more customer insights.

Employee Experience: Building Morale and Engagement

August 10, 2021

Sales Enablement PRO

Topics: Employee Engagement, Leadership, Sales

Keywords: employee engagement, employee experience, EX, sales employee engagement, sales rep motivation, sales manager engagement

Brand leadership expert and keynote speaker Denise Lee Yohn recently spoke at the Sales Enablement Soirée. This article is adapted from her presentation.

What Leaders Get Wrong About Employee Well-Being And How To Get It Right

August 10, 2021


Topics: Health/Fitness/Wellness, Employee Engagement, Leadership

Keywords: leadership, Denise Lee Yohn on Smartbrief, Employee Well-Being, Employee Wellness, Workforce Health

Here are five things that leaders fail to understand about employee well-being.

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