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Brands To Watch In 2020

December 3, 2019


Topics: Brand Communication, Brand Delivery, Business, Marketing

Keywords: Brands To Watch in 2020, companies to watch in 2020, brand trends 2020, company trends 2020, news about brands

Amazon tops the alphabetical list of brands that will make the news in 2020.

How Do You Make Customers Feel?

November 12, 2019


Topics: Customer Experience, Brand Communication, Marketing

Keywords: emotional connection, marketing, Denise Lee Yohn, brand building, emotional branding, leadership, strategy, emotion in B2B

Companies should research who their customers are and respond with interactive experiences that “include them on a journey,” says Denise Lee Yohn in this blog post and video. “[H]umans are emotional beings and we make brand and product decisions based on how they make us feel and the identities they enable us to express and experience,” she says.

Stop Saying Your Company Is Like A Family

November 5, 2019


Topics: Corporate Culture, Culture, Employee Engagement, Leadership

Keywords: employee engagement, corporate culture, organizational culture, workplace culture, leadership style, company is like family, family-like culture, employer employee contract

If you think about or treat your employees like family, you’re probably doing more harm than good.

Is Branding Important in the Flooring Sector?

November 4, 2019

Floor Covering Weekly

Topics: Corporate Culture, Brand Communication, Brand Delivery, Brand Experience, Brand Touchpoints, Business, Culture, Customer Service, Employee Engagement, Marketing

Keywords: brand-building, Denise Lee Yohn at DOMOTEX, Denise Lee Yohn in Floor Covering Weekly, branding importance

It is essential to create an emotional connection with your customers. This principle applies whether you are a retailer (looking to create a comfortable shopping environment) or a manufacturer (looking to establish trusting relationships with buyers).

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