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The Next Recession Is Coming – Are You Ready?

May 7, 2019

The European Financial Review

Topics: Corporate Culture, Business, Culture, Leadership

Keywords: brand culture, recession strategy, reccession preparation, The European Financial Review on recession, Denise Lee Yohn on recession, Alan Mulaly recession strategy, Ford Motor Company recession strategy

The time to prepare for the next recession is  now.  Learn the three strategic actions then-CEO Alan Mulally utilised to save Ford Motor Co. from bankruptcy and return to profitability.

Why Start-Ups Fail

May 1, 2019


Topics: Brand Delivery, Business, Leadership, Small Businss

Keywords: start-up failure, why start-ups fail, CB Insights, failed entrepreneurs, start-up post-mortem, entrepreneur fail

The number one reason why start-ups fail was “no market need.”

Why The Corporate Valuations Of Rent The Runway, Airbnb And Lyft May Be Completely Wrong

April 3, 2019


Topics: Brand Value, Business

Keywords: Peter Fader, brand valuation, customer-based corporate valuation, customer equity valuation, Rent The Runway valuation, Lyft IPO, Sarah Toms, Wharton Interactive, Wharton Digital Press, The Customer Centricity Playbook: Implement a Winning Strategy Driven By Customer Lifetime Value, customer lifetime value, Uber IPO, Slack IPO, Pinterest IPO, Peloton IPO, WeWork IPO, unicorn IPOs, unicorn valuations

The recent round of funding raised by Rent the Runway values the apparel rental company at $1 billion.  Airbnb’s most recent internal valuation conducted in preparation for its IPO is around $38 billion.  And Lyft’s IPO last week valued that company around $20 billion.  But according to a couple of folks from Wharton business school, these corporate valuations may be completely wrong.

Spark Customer Experience Innovation With These Three Strategies

March 5, 2019


Topics: Customer Experience, Corporate Culture, Business, Customer Service, Innovation

Keywords: customer experience culture, Kirsty Traill, CX innovation, customer experience innovation, customer experience strategies, CX innovation lab, Neiman-Marcus iLab, Neiman-Marcus CX innovation, Canadian Tire garages, Canadian Tire innovation lab, MultiChoice #ninetynine, MultiChoice innovation, Clint Payne, Hootsuite CX innovation, Hootsuite Owl2Owl, Bose CX innovation, Bose CX bootcamp, O2 CX innovation, O2 customer led

CX innovation must be a deliberate, distinct, disciplined effort.

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