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Don’t Cancel DEI; Create True Trust

June 4, 2024


Topics: Corporate Culture, Culture, Employee Engagement, Leadership

Keywords: culture, employee engagement, organizational culture, Trust, DE&I, Employee Trust, Diversity Equity Inclusion, DEI Backlash

Why do most DEI efforts fail?  Most companies rely on DEI programs and targets—such as employee resource groups (ERGs) and hiring quotas—without addressing the fundamental values and culture of the organization.

Fostering Employee Fandom: A New Frontier in Talent Management

May 7, 2024


Topics: Corporate Culture, Brand Loyalty, Business, Culture, Employee Engagement, Loyalty

Keywords: loyalty, brand loyalty, customer loyalty, brand-culture fusion, FUSION, employee loyalty, Employee Retention, Employee Turnover

Should employers strive for employee loyalty – or is employee retention enough?

Achieving Brand-Culture Fusion: The Imperative for Fulfilling Brand Promises

March 5, 2024


Topics: Corporate Culture, Brand Communication, Brand Delivery, Culture, Marketing

Keywords: advertising, marketing, culture, branding, brand building, brand-culture fusion, FUSION, brand power, brand, Brand Promises

Brand power comes from keeping – not only making – promises. To keep your brand promises, your brand and culture must be aligned and integrated.

Use This SWOT to Assess Yourself

February 12, 2024


Topic: Leadership

Keywords: self Assessment, SWOT, SWOT analysis, SWOT assessment, Self leadership, Self awareness

Improve your leadership skills by personalizing the traditional SWOT analysis to focus on self, the world, others and time, says Denise Lee Yohn

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