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Be Consistent to Inspire Trust

June 8, 2021


Topics: Brand Communication, Brand Delivery, Brand Experience, Brand Touchpoints, Business, Leadership

Keywords: brand touchpoints, leadership, Denise Lee Yohn on Smartbrief, Trust, brand trust

To get employees and customers to trust us, we need to be consistent in what we do individually as leaders and in what our organizations do as a whole.

Overcome The Trust Crisis With Authenticity

May 11, 2021


Topics: Corporate Culture, Brand Delivery, Business, Culture, Leadership

Keywords: culture, authenticity, brand leadership, Denise Lee Yohn on Smartbrief, FUSION, Trust

How can business leaders regain people’s trust? By ensuring brand authenticity.

Brand-Culture Fusion Remains A Top Priority

May 10, 2021


Topics: Corporate Culture, Brand Delivery, Culture, Leadership

Keywords: brand-building, culture-building, FUSION, Brand+Culture Series, brand+culture

Now more than ever, business leaders need to prioritize the alignment and integration of brand and culture.

Use Employee Personas To Design Employee Experience For A Hybrid Workforce

May 4, 2021


Topics: Corporate Culture, Business, Employee Engagement

Keywords: employee engagement, employee experience, EX, Hybrid work, Hybrid office, Employee Personas

Employee personas — models that represent different groups of employees — are useful tools for designing employee experiences for the hybrid workforce.

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