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Amazon Faces A Crucible Moment With Employees

June 2, 2020


Topics: Corporate Culture, Business, Culture, Employee Engagement, Leadership

Keywords: Jeff Bezos leadership, Amazon employee engagement, Amazon employee experience, Amazon workplace safety, Amazon workplace culture, Amazon Covid-19 response, Amazon Covid-19 investment, Amazon scrutiny, Jeff Bezos vision, Amazon customer-obsession

Given the harsh and widespread criticism over their treatment of Amazon employees during the Covid-19 pandemic, what the company and CEO Jeff Bezos does next may determine its future.

Re-opening Playbook: Five Steps To Re-Engage Customers and Employees

May 18, 2020


Topics: Restaurants and Retail, Customer Experience, Corporate Culture, Brand Communication, Brand Experience, Business, Culture, Employee Engagement, Marketing

Keywords: employee engagement, employee communication, post COVID 19 world, re-opening strategy, re-open post covid-19, covid-19 strategy, customer engagement, customer communication, communications playbook, re-opening playbook

As you prepare to get back to business, your operations aren’t the only thing requiring changes. You also need to update mindsets — your customers’ and your employees’. You need a Re-opening Playbook of the key steps to re-engage customers and employees.

How To Prepare for a Recession

May 13, 2020

Gravity Speakers blog

Topics: Corporate Culture, Business, Culture, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Marketing

Keywords: brand differentiation, employee brand engagement, brand-building in a recession, COVID 19 strategies, how to prepare for recession, recession planning, recession strategies, branding in a recession, COVID-19 recession, core customers

Let’s face it – we’re headed toward an official recession.  What should you do to prepare your business?  Here are three strategies to prepare for a recession.

Protect and Prepare Your Brand for the Post-Coronavirus World

May 12, 2020


Topics: Customer Experience, Brand Communication, Brand Delivery, Brand Experience, Brand Touchpoints, Business, Marketing

Keywords: brand touchpoints, Smartbrief on Brand Leadership, COVID 19 strategies, post COVID 19 world, Brand-Building COVID-19, branding COVID-19, advertising COVID-19, COVID-19 Marketing, Digital Customer Experience, everything is marketing

You can continue to build your brand during these challenging times by treating everything you do as marketing and developing a next-generation digital customer experience.

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