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How Brands Can Take a Stand On Race

July 14, 2020


Topics: Corporate Culture, Brand Communication, Brand Touchpoints, Business, Culture, Social Media, Social Responsibility

Keywords: rebranding, core values, smartbrief on leadership, Aunt Jemima rebrand, Uncle Ben’s rebrand, diversity and inclusion, racism

Brands looking to speak about race or make related internal changes should first ensure they’ve heard stakeholders and examined brand values, says Denise Lee Yohn.

Hone Your Leadership Style In Times Of Crisis

July 7, 2020


Topics: Brand Communication, Brand Delivery, Brand Experience, Leadership

Keywords: What Great Brands Do, leadership style, leadership strategy, leading in crisis, Covid-19 leadership, Hyundai Assurance, Jacinda Ardem elimination strategy, Nike controversy, Nike Don’t Do It, Bill Gates coronavirus warning, London Breed sick and tired, Starbucks brand personality, Lori Lightfoot personality, Andrew Cuomo personality

Great brands actually thrive amidst challenge and change, so they provide excellent models of leadership that you can adapt to hone your leadership style and strategy.

The Pandemic Is Rewriting the Rules of Retail

July 6, 2020

Harvard Business Review

Topics: Restaurants and Retail, Customer Experience, Brand Delivery, Brand Experience, Business, Innovation

Keywords: retail customer experience, retail CX, Digital Customer Experience, digital CX, pandemic retail strategy, COVID-19 retail strategy, coronavirus retail strategy, digitally native customer experience

Your customers have changed. Have you?

Prepare for the New Reality With a Brand Audit

June 9, 2020


Topics: Brand Delivery, Brand Experience, Brand Touchpoints, Leadership, Marketing

Keywords: brand assessment, Smartbrief on Brand Leadership, COVID 19 strategies, brand audit

In this SmartBrief on Leadership video, brand leadership expert Denise Lee Yohn explains why you need to do a brand audit now and how to do one.

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