It’s launch day for my new book, FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies!!   Get your copy here.

Check out this introduction:

Many people have asked me why I wrote FUSION — and why I wrote it now.  In some ways I had been writing the book for years.  When I wrote my first book, What Great Brands Do, back in 2014, I explained the first principle that “separates the best from the rest” is Great Brands Start Inside. I showed that great brands don’t start brand-building with external communications such as a clever name, cool logo and tagline, or big advertising spend.  Great brands start by cultivating a strong brand-led culture inside their organizations.  FUSION picks up this one principle and explores it further.

But I also recently reached a point in work with clients on building and repositioning their brands where I had to write FUSION.  I had become increasingly frustrated that my efforts were sometimes held back because of cultural issues inside the organization.  I found that some leaders didn’t want to include culture as part of brand-building or they didn’t appreciate the need to tight align and seamlessly integrate their brand and culture — to create brand-culture fusion — and that prevented them from realizing the full potential of their organization and their brand.

I also have grown increasingly concerned about the state of culture-building in business.  By now, most business leaders know that culture is important, but most don’t know how to cultivate culture.  Most of existing rhetoric on culture either overstates the impact of the trappings of culture (like free beer on Fridays) or suggests that all companies need to have warm and friendly cultures where managers are nice and nurturing (completely untrue.)  I wanted to set the record straight on what a “good” culture is and how to cultivate culture.

FUSION lays out the leadership game plan for building a healthy, sustainable, valuable culture — and a great brand — through brand-culture fusion.  I am also offering two brand new keynote presentations to introduce the insights and action steps in FUSION:

Please check out the book and contact me to explore having me inspire and teach your organization how to achieve brand leadership through brand-culture fusion.


Great Brands Start Inside
New Book: FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies
FUSION Manifesto, Downloads, and Bonus Materials

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