The New Employee Experience Mandate

Back in early 2018, I wrote “2018 Will Be the Year of Employee Experience.”  Little did I know that only a couple years later, it would already be “The Year of Employee Experience 2.0”!  Yes, there’s a new employee experience mandate (EX).

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed so much so quickly, it’s only natural that it impacted EX as well.  And the drive for racial equality and social justice that has arisen in the wake of George Floyd’s death has further disrupted EX.

So now it’s become clear that the old ways of engaging employees no longer apply.  Some people might be worried by the recent report from Gallup which showed the most significant drop in the company’s 20-year history of tracking employee engagement in the U.S. — only 36% of employees are currently engaged — yikes!  But I actually see a silver lining to the crisis:  EX has become the linchpin in the success of an organization going forward.

Please check out my latest article on Forbes, Covid-19 And Civil Unrest Have Disrupted Employee Experience For Good, to learn why and how EX needs to change.


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