What Qualifies a Great Brand

Here are three juicy audio interviews for your listening pleasure:branding speaker denise lee yohn

  • Bill Horan, host of the “Secrets of Success” show on WHPC radio, asked me to explain how I selected the brands for my book What Great Brands Do.  Listen to our interview to hear the measures I used to qualify a great brand — as well as other insights from the book (run time: 28 minutes).
  • Les McKeown, author of the book Predictable Success and host of the podcast of the same name, asked me about how the principles of What Great Brands Do apply to personal branding.  Listen to my thoughts in our interview — and also learn what I think of the Sony brand today and my process in writing the book. (run time: 25 minutes)
  • Bill Kearney, host of the “Financial $pectrum” show on WKXL Concord News radio, asked me how brand-building challenges differ between large enterprises and small businesses.  Check out our interview to hear my answer along with my comments about the Apple brand ecosystem and the importance of being brand-led, customer-informed. (run time: 19 minutes)


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