November Brand-As-Business Buffet

Unlike a Thanksgiving dinner, this buffet isn’t going to weigh you down or put you to sleep.  It’s a sampling of my best bits of content  this past month.  Check out:

what great brands do — a recap by Annette Franz Gleneicki of the talk I gave at the SoCal Customer Experience Professionals Association event

why windows 8? — a post that questions Microsoft’s choice to brand its new OS with an old name — is this symptomatic of deeper problems at the company?!

soundbites from cea forum 2012 — a slideshow of insights and inspiration from Alexis Ohanian, John Gerzema, and others who spoke at the Consumer Electronics Association’s Industry Forum

re-thinking CSR — my newsletter which included a two-minute video excerpt from a talk I gave at the Fast Casual Executive Summit.  I encouraged business leaders to think about and do “corporate social responsibility” differently

the highlights and lowlights behind best buy’s turnaround plan — my reaction to  BBY CEO’s plan to imitate IBM’s foray into services but not its focus on culture

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