love the moosejaw madness

When I worked as a consumer research analyst for Spiegel catalogs (my first job out of college!), we used to talk about the three critical points in a customer’s experience with our brand:

  1. the point when she shops our catalog,
  2. the point when she receives our package, and
  3. the point when she uses our products.

We knew we needed to improve at the second point (perhaps what we may now call the “second moment of truth” in today’s P&G parlance?).   So even waaaay back then, before there was the Internet and e-commerce, it was clear that direct sellers have a unique opportunity to make the shipping package a positive, impactful brand touchpoint.

Today, with over 15 years of Internet-based selling now passed, how many companies have figured out how to do this?  By my personal count, not many.  I’ve seen more than my share of plain brown boxes and generic packaging.

That’s why I was so delighted to receive the below package from Moosejaw, the somewhat irreverent, always amusing outdoor outfitter.  (Their themeline “love the madness” says it all.)

Can you believe it?!  My package was sealed with a kiss from Matt.  How cool is that?!  And inside, the following note from Ash was waiting for me.

For me as a customer, all of this made me feel just wonderful about the brand — and you can be sure that’s going to drive me back for more purchases.  As a brand professional, I give kudos to Robert Wolfe and his team at Moosejaw for making an commonly-overlooked brand touchpoint fun, memorable, and differentiating.

It just goes to show every touchpoint between your brand and “the outside world” matters (as clients who engage me to develop a brand touchpoint wheel quickly discover.)  I hope to see other direct sellers following Moosejaw’s lead.

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