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brand-as-business bit:  While perusing the aisles at Target awhile back, I stumbled across these really great packages of healthcare products and fell in love: I was so pleased to read the story behind such an ingenious brand in Businessweek.   (Be sure to check out the sidebar on the playbook of gimmicks used in most […]

On the eve of a special Apple event, it seems the allure of the Apple brand is as strong as ever.  “We have something you really have to see. And touch,” declares the invitation to the March 7th media event.  Quite a buzz has been building up! I don’t know if tomorrow’s announcement will impress […]


When I worked as a consumer research analyst for Spiegel catalogs (my first job out of college!), we used to talk about the three critical points in a customer’s experience with our brand: […]

old carton design

I’ve noticed something lately — name brand food packaged goods are changing their brand visual identities to what seems to me to be a more generic brand look.  […]


wrap rage

Amazon has launched a new initiative I’m just thrilled about. The initiative, “Frustration-Free Packaging,” […]