sweat the small stuff

Great brands may think big, but they sweat the small stuff. They know that all the little things they do or fail to do in person shape brand perceptions far more than the big things they claim through mass media. So they design their customer experiences down to last detail, and usually appeal to as many of […]


The adage “god is in the details” is usually offered in reference to a small mistake with big consequences. And when it comes to brand touchpoints, it’s commonly known how a screw-up here or a snafu there can cause significant damage to a brand’s image and equity. But often the most important details are ones […]


When it comes to mishaps, most companies seem to have adopted Discovery’s song “It’s Not My Fault” as their anthem – but it would be so much better for them to follow Akon’s lead and plainly state “Sorry, Blame It on Me.” To be clear, I’m not talking about issuing apologies for the sweeping mistakes […]


When I worked as a consumer research analyst for Spiegel catalogs (my first job out of college!), we used to talk about the three critical points in a customer’s experience with our brand: […]