Build a Breakthrough Brand: Touchpoint Alignment and Cohesive Customer Experience Strategy

If you want a powerful, valuable, brand-building strategy, you’ve come to the right place. We’re more than halfway through the video series, “How to Build a Breakthrough Brand.

So far, in this 10-session series on the steps in the brand development process, we’ve covered:

  • How to Do a Brand Diagnostic
  • “How to Assess Your Brand”
  • “How to Clarify Your Brand Essence”
  • “How to Position Your Brand”
  • “How to Differentiate”
  • “How to Optimize Your Brand Portfolio”

Today you’ll learn how to give your brand a stronger, more consistent impact.  Each customer contact is an occasion for either enhancing their brand’s image or undermining it. And so with many new channels and touchpoints emerging – it’s important to ensure your customer experience strategy is compelling and consistent with everyone.

First you’ll learn “How to Align Your Brand Touchpoints.”  This video and worksheet introduce the Brand Touchpoint Wheel, a tool for expressing and delivering your brand appropriately at all touchpoints between your brand and the outside world.  The downloadable worksheet outlines the steps to develop and use a Brand Touchpoint Wheel.

brand-building with customer experience strategy

How to Create a Cohesive Customer Experience” then shows how to optimize, prioritize, and unify your customer experiences across channels with a Customer Experience Architecture.

The last two sessions in this series will launch next week:

  • How to Align and Inspire Your Stakeholders
  • How to Engage Your Stakeholders

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