In my experience working with some of the world’s greatest brands, I’ve discovered the single most important requirement for building a great brand: ownership of brand-building by executives at the highest level of the organization. More than big marketing budgets, more than breakthrough creative ideas, more than strong sales capability — if you want a great […]


Today is the kick-off of my new video series, “How to Build a Breakthrough Brand.”  In 10 sessions, you’ll learn the fundamentals of brand-building — from assessing your current brand performance to developing a new brand platform to engaging your stakeholders in delivering your brand. […]


Last week I had the honor of guest-leading a session at the University of California-San Diego. Although the class was about news-writing, the instructor wanted to spend a day focused on brands and so she asked me to do a brief intro to brands and then lead the group in a brand management exercise.  It […]