Build a Breakthrough Brand: Brand Essence and Positioning

“How to Clarify Your Brand Essence” and “How to Position Your Brand” are the newest videos in the “How to Build a Breakthrough Brand” series.

In “How to Clarify Your Brand Essence” you will learn two ways identify the overarching idea that you want your brand to stand for.   Developing a clear brand essence is the first step in building a strategic brand platform to guide and drive your entire organization in the delivery of positive, memorable customer experiences.

Then, you’ll learn how to develop a brand positioning that establishes your competitive advantage in “How to Position Your Brand.”  Your competitive brand positioning indicates who are your target customers, what is the frame of reference in which they consider your brand, and what is the unique value you provide to them.  Check out the video and refer to the downloadable worksheet for more information and instruction.

I hope you’re enjoying this series, “How to Build a Breakthrough Brand.”  I’ve boiled down my 25 years of work with world-class brands into this 10-session series with the hopes of equipping you with practical knowledge and tools.  I’m definitely interested in your feedback, so please leave a comment.

Next week, we’ll drill down into positioning with a session dedicated to showing you “How to Differentiate” and then move onto “How to Optimize Your Brand Portfolio.”  If you like what you’re learning, please help spread the word.

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last week’s videos:

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