Build a Breakthrough Brand: How to Do a Brand Diagnostic

Today is the kick-off of my new video series, “How to Build a Breakthrough Brand.”  In 10 sessions, you’ll learn the fundamentals of brand-building — from assessing your current brand performance to developing a new brand platform to engaging your stakeholders in delivering your brand.

Each video is under four minutes and includes a downloadable worksheet to guide you through the steps to building a compelling, differentiated, and valuable brand.  Whether you’re starting a brand from scratch or looking to strengthen your competitive advantage, “How to Build a Breakthrough Brand” provides the tools and instruction you need.

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The first video introduces “How to Do a Brand Diagnostic.”  You will learn how to gather insights about your brand by looking through three critical lenses – Customer, Company, and Context.

Later this week, I’ll release “How to Assess Your Brand” which covers the 10 criteria you should use to evaluate your current brand power and performance.

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