Build a Breakthrough Brand: Differentiation and Brand Portfolio Optimization

Here are the latest installments in the FREE video series “How to Build a Breakthrough Brand” — teaching you how to build a brand that’s relevant, differentiated, and powerful.

Our brains are hard-wired to notice differences and clear differentiation is the key to establishing a sustainable competitive advantage.  “How to Differentiate,” a short video and downloadable worksheet, introduces three ways to differentiate your brand from your competition and covers examples of each.

In “How to Optimize Your Brand Portfolio,” you’ll learn how to organize, prioritize, and manage all of your brands so you can maximize brand value.  Do know how strongly to promote your corporate brand vs. your product brands?  Have you acquired new brands and want them to complement but not overlap existing ones?  Or, maybe you have too many brands but don’t know which ones to drop?  This video is for you:

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Next week’s videos:

  • How to Align Your Brand Touchpoints,” a must for anyone whose organization is challenged with expressing and delivering its brand consistently across a myriad of touchpoints.
  • How to Create a Cohesive Customer Experience,” which shows how to optimize, prioritize, and unify all of your customer experiences.

videos you may have missed:

  • How to Do a Brand Diagnostic
  • “How to Assess Your Brand”
  • “How to Clarify Your Brand Essence”
  • “How to Position Your Brand”

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