Surfing and business have a lot in common.  Both require agility, just the right amount of speed, and the ability to read coming waves.  The parallels between surfing and business became even more apparent to me as I learned the story of Derek Rabelo, a blind surfer.  You may have seen the popular video of […]


Motivational speakers have been the butt of jokes by many people, including me.  (How many motivational speakers does it take to change a light bulb?  Only one really good one if they can get the light bulb to want to change itself.) People making a living by telling other people to get off their duffs […]


I had the pleasure of attending two concerts in the last couple of weeks – and although they were entirely different experiences, I came away with the same impression: if brands were like rock stars, they would win over people’s hearts and minds for life. Now, I don’t mean just any rock star – I […]