Modmarket was named one of the top 5 hot concepts of the year by Nation’s Restaurant News.  What distinguishes it from the other fast casual restaurants serving better-for-you food?  Check out this brand experience brief. related brand experience briefs: True Food Protein Bar Fresh2Order transcript: This brand experience brief is about a restaurant company with the […]

Welcome to my newest Brand Experience Brief  — these brief videos audit and analyze the brand experience at a new or interesting restaurant or retail concept.   Today I’m deviating from my regular practice of covering a brand experience to give you a look at the new San Diego Public Library.   The Library which just opened two weeks […]

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(“brand book bites” highlight the most interesting brand stories in the latest best-selling books.  For more bulleted briefings on the books I recommend, subscribe to my feed.) –  the book:  ENGAGED! Outbehave Your Competition to Create Customers for Life – a practical guide about how to design and implement a sustainable culture and customer experience […]

(Here’s a new Brand Experience Brief  — if you’d like to suggest a brand experience at a new or interesting restaurant or retail concept for me to audit, please email me at mail [at] deniseleeyohn [dot] com.)  PIRCH, the new Fixtures Living, shows how you can transcend your category and create an emotional, memorable, and distinctive customer experience, […]


(“brand book bites” are book write-ups that highlight the most interesting brand stories in the latest best-selling books.  Subscribe to my feed so you don’t miss these regular bulleted briefings on the books I recommend.) –  the book:  Converge:  Transforming Business at the Intersection of Marketing and Technology – the ultimate business card for Razorfish, […]


brand-as-business bit:  A recent piece in Businessweek got me thinking about the customer purchase decision process prior to the shelf.  The article by Sam Grobart reported on Motorola’s measly ad budget compared to Apple‘s and Samsung‘s at $1BB and $4BB respectively (ironic that a $500MM campaign is considered inadequate — but that’s another blog post.) […]

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brand-as-business bit:   What was old is new again; what is big isn’t best; what’s happening halfway around the world matters here.  These ironies describe the retail customer experience landscape in America today.  That was my takeaway from a session at the Retail Customer Experience Summit I attended yesterday. The presentation was by Chris Peterson who travels […]

(Here’s a new Brand Experience Brief.  Check out other video briefings about the brand experiences at new or interesting restaurant or retail concepts.) Farm to Table is a growing movement in American culture and True Food Kitchen, a new restaurant concept, is poised to seize the moment with a well-designed brand experience. Brand Experience Brief: […]

(The following is the first in a two-part blog-exchange I’m doing with Annette Franz Gleinicki, a customer experience expert focused on improving customer and employee experiences.  I follow Annette on Twitter and have learned so much from her writings.  Because we have similar perspectives on customer experience, we decided share with our readers each others’ thoughts on […]