Succession, the popular show on HBO, conveys helpful business insights including the importance of you using your own product. As a business leader, you must personally and regularly undergo the entire customer experience of your company as an actual customer would.  This will help focus your attention on the most important aspects of your business, […]


Are you looking for how to improve customer experience (CX)?   New technologies such as personalized search or AI-powered text analytics hold great promise for improving CX.  But technology alone isn’t enough. The most important, and perhaps most surprising, improvement to CX has little to do with technology — it’s improving employee experience (EX).  In fact, […]


Customer experience futurist, author, and speaker Blake Morgan and I recently bonded over common views on women and customer experience.  (Our conversation is a part of Blake’s terrific Modern Customer podcast – check it out here.)  We ended up concluding that women are uniquely positioned to lead customer experience. […]


Last week I debuted a new speaking topic, Power Up! Ignite CX & EX to Fuel Your Growth.  This talk outlines why and how employee experience (EX) excellence leads to customer experience (CX) excellence.  The client told me my presentation was exactly what the company needed to help its people understand the critical link between […]

The company behind Sbarro has created a new fast casual pizza concept, Pizza Cucinova. It’s a higher end customer experience than most brands aspiring to become the “Chipotle of pizza.” Check out this video audit and analysis of the brand experience: DLYohn Brand Experience Brief: Pizza Cucinova from Denise Lee Yohn on Vimeo. other brand […]

retail customer experience

Brand Experience Week wrapped up last week, but there are plenty of Brand Experience Briefs for you to learn from.  Check out these 41 videos that audit and analyze new or interesting restaurant and retail brands to learn the do’s and don’ts of customer experience design: 1. AT&T Retail Center:  With a name like “Retail Center […]

Today’s Brand Experience Brief is about what happens when you cross a bank with a cafe.  It’s about Capital One 360 Cafes, which are “unique community spaces where you can learn new ways to save time and money while you tap free WiFi and enjoy a great cup of coffee,”  Check out this video audit […]

sweat the small stuff

Great brands may think big, but they sweat the small stuff. They know that all the little things they do or fail to do in person shape brand perceptions far more than the big things they claim through mass media. So they design their customer experiences down to last detail, and usually appeal to as many of […]

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas claims to be “a first-class movie destination.” This Brand Experience Brief shows how it lives up to that brand vision. If you’d like to recommend a new or interesting restaurant or retail concept for me to audit and analyze, please let me know in the comments below. other Brand Experience Briefs: Tom’s […]