I’m fascinated by the recent flurry of activity of designer PCs.  Having worked at Sony during the early years of VAIO (perhaps the first fashionable PC line, launched with its distinctive violet color and sleek features and all), it’s pretty amazing to me to see how the category has developed. […]


same old highway

Last week I wrote a quick response to a piece in Brandweek by Robert Klara, the magazine’s Features Editor — the topic:  “many domestic makes seem to be spinning their [advertising] wheels in the same territory they’ve been stuck in for decades.”  Do you agree with me and Robert? […]


Before we quickly toss aside 2008 with the carelessness due a former lover, I thought it might be enlightening to look back on the predictions that were made at this time last year — […]


The verdict from brand marketers on the worst brand extensions of 2008 is out — Burger King underwear, Kellogg’s hip-hop street wear, and Allstate Green insurance were named the worst offenders. […]


By my count, the word “maverick” was used 15 times in last night’s VP debate (transcript available here).  While Biden and Palin debated […]