scott goodson on cultural movements

Scott Goodson, founder of StrawberryFrog, the global Cultural Movement agency, is the newest participant in my series of interviews.

Scott GoodsonI’ve known Scott for many years, ever since we met while I was at Sony.  It’s been a delight to see his agency, which was already breaking new ground back then, grow into a internationally-recognized creative leader.

Scott coined the phrase “Cultural Movements” as the new marketing model for a fragmented media world.  I wanted to interview Scott to learn more about how Cultural Movements work in today’s Web 2.0 world.  In our talk, Scott explains his thinking on the role of Cultural Movements in brand-building today and gives examples of how they’ve worked in a broad range of categories.

Scott writes a popular marketing blog and speaks to large groups on the future of marketing and new media.  Contact Scott and join the movement on www.facebook.com/strawberryfrog .

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