february brand-as-business buffet

A new definition of brand.  Inspiring employees.  My take on the Super Bowl ads and the new Taco Bell tagline.  Check out my writings on these and other topics in the following “brand-as-business buffet,” a round-up of content from me from this past month.

retail and restaurants:

advertising and marketing communications:


other brand-building topics:

  • Brand Elephant — a few brand definitions from the world’s leading brand thinkers as compiled in Debbie Millman’s Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits
  • Justin McCarthy on Crossing the Chasm at Garmin — my interview with Garmin’s sports and fitness rep about how his company is trying to appeal to the mainstream consumer
  • The Problem with Passion — an excerpt from a ChangeThis Manifesto by Carol Roth that challenges the myth of following your passion to success
  • Would You Like a Coffee with That Wi-Fi? — a brand-as-business bit about  the value of the entire customer experience compared to the specific product purchased

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