brand-as-business bit:  The other night I got to attend “An Evening with Switchfoot,” an intimate experience in which the popular rock band played a few sets and talked about their music.  Band leader John Foreman described one of the challenges they face, and it sounded awful lot like what I hear from business leaders as […]

A new definition of brand.  Inspiring employees.  My take on the Super Bowl ads and the new Taco Bell tagline.  Check out my writings on these and other topics in the following “brand-as-business buffet,” a round-up of content from me from this past month. retail and restaurants: How to Keep ‘Em  Coming Back — my […]

brand-as-business bit:  Carol Roth wrote a ChangeThis manifesto that challenged some of the conventional myths about entrepreneurship. She took on the “follow your passion” movement, which suggests that you should earn a living from your greatest life passion. Roth points out: “ is a business where passion followed opportunity but wasn’t the starting point. I […]


You know that show, “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying?”  Well last week I had the pleasure of hearing Bob Goff speak and his talk could have been entitled, “How to Succeed in Business BY Really Trying.”  His message was about moving beyond thinking about things and doing them. […]


I had the pleasure of attending two concerts in the last couple of weeks – and although they were entirely different experiences, I came away with the same impression: if brands were like rock stars, they would win over people’s hearts and minds for life. Now, I don’t mean just any rock star – I […]