Brand Experience Briefs capture insights and analysis from Denise’s audits of new and interesting retail and restaurant concepts.

brand experience brief: AT&T Retail Center

With a name like “Retail Center for Innovation and Technology Center,” there’s no question the new store from AT&T is intended to be like no other.  And, it is indeed remarkable (a sort of Apple store meets the Enterprise bridge.)  But for however great of an experience it is, the objectives behind it may be somewhat misguided.  Here’s my video audit.

brand experience brief: Best Buy

Best Buy stores don’t present a cohesive Best Buy brand experience, but rather, a collection of shopping experiences for different brands.

brand experience brief: Birchbox

Birchbox, the online cosmetics sampling subscription service, operates a retail location that teaches brick-and-mortar companies how to stage extraordinary store experiences.

brand experience brief: Bonobos and Warby Parker

Retail stores by e-commerce companies Bonobos and Warby Parker provides insights into how to design a brick-and-mortar retail experience for an online brand.

brand experience brief: C9

C9 is Target‘s new active apparel store at San Francisco’s Metreon center. Featuring apparel from Champion, the store is a cross between a Target and a Gap, and represents the company’s first move into specialty retail.


brand experience brief: Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene may be to Starbucks what Smashburger is to McDonald’s — a niche competitor with a distinctive product and memorable experience.

brand experience brief: Capital One 360 Cafe

Capital One 360 Cafes, featuring Peet’s coffee shops, are not your typical bank branches. Check out the customer experience at this cafe.

brand experience brief: Carl’s Jr. sports-themed restaurant

The West-Coast burger chain, Carl’s Jr. opened a new sports-themed location. In this Brand Experience Brief, you’ll see the concept has good potential but hasn’t quite become a breakthrough experience yet.

brand experience brief: CityTarget

Target is experimenting with a new store format, CityTarget.  The effort is intended to reach more Americans, and their money, who have been leaving the suburbs for the city.   Check out all that’s great — and a couple of things that aren’t — about the CityTarget in downtown Chicago in this video briefing: