Brand Experience Brief: Sharp Healthcare All-Staff Assembly

The Sharp Healthcare All-Staff Assembly provides a compelling example of how to engage, educate, and emotionally connect your workforce with your brand.  Take a look at this short video to see how this annual event helps keep the thousands of Sharp staff, partners, and volunteers motivated, aligned, and focused on delivering The Sharp Experience.

DLYohn Brand Experience Brief: Sharp Healthcare All-Staff Assembly 2015 from Denise Lee Yohn on Vimeo.

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Today’s brand experience brief departs from the new and interesting retail and restaurant audits and analyses I usually provide.  For one thing, it’s about a healthcare organization, Sharp Healthcare.  And for another, it’s an experience for staff members, not customers.

Sharp is a $3BB healthcare organization with more than 14,000 employees, 4,000 doctors, and thousands of volunteers.  It puts on an annual All-Staff Assembly to quote “look back on our successes and be energized as we recommit to our vision to become the best health care system in the universe.”  It’s a big production — three identical sessions are held at the San Diego Convention Center.

The event provides a terrific example of engaging staff members at multiple levels in multiple ways with your brand.  First, it was a lot of fun so people were drawn in and the energy level was kept high.  As people approached the venue, they were greeted by a line of cheering executives.  The vocal group Face performed upbeat songs and the executive team led the crowd in singing and dancing — yes, even Sharp’s CEO Mike Murphy was up on stage dancing.

The fun also served to reinforce the culture in a cheeky video that featured executives in funny costumes and scenarios searching for Sharp’s core values.  And a contest of challenges to be completed during the session introduced some friendly competition.

The event was also informative and inspiring.  Executives recapped last year’s performance and this year’s goals.  They gave awards and recognition to groups and individuals who had made important contributions to the organization.  Messages throughout the venue conveyed key facts and points.  Guest speakers included National Geographic photojournalist Dewitt Jones who talked about extraordinary visions and “the next right answer” and Bertice Berry who challenged people to give more of themselves.

Finally the event was interactive.  Stations in the reception area invited staffers to post answers to questions like “how do you create magic for those you serve?” and each person was asked to consider how they would re-commit to the Sharp Experience, the organization’s multi-dimensional experience strategy.

Down to the last detail, every aspect of the event was designed to engage, educate, and emotionally connect the people of Sharp with its brand.  Many leaders wonder how they can keep their people motivated, aligned, and focused on the right things.  The Sharp All-Staff Assembly shows how.

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