Why do so many tech start-ups fail?  What advice do entrepreneurs need to heed?  These and other topics are covered in an interview I conducted with Ian Andes, President of 4iiii Innovations. 4iiii is the maker of several digital fitness products including the Sportiiiis, glasses that enable cyclists to keep their eyes on the road […]

brand-as-business bit:  Carol Roth wrote a ChangeThis manifesto that challenged some of the conventional myths about entrepreneurship. She took on the “follow your passion” movement, which suggests that you should earn a living from your greatest life passion. Roth points out: “Zappos.com is a business where passion followed opportunity but wasn’t the starting point. I […]

Jason Fried, CEO of 37signals, knows a thing or two about small business.  His company has been developing apps for small businesses for seven years.  But it’s how he runs his own company that reveals his keen insight for how to be a successful small business. […]

As an uber-competitive overachiever, I’ve always had trouble with failure. (Just ask my husband who refuses to play board games with me so he doesn’t have to deal with my inevitable sore loser attitude!) But last month’s Harvard Business Review gave me some fresh perspectives on failure. The Failure Issue helped me understand how to […]

Bryan Pate, Co-Founder and Co-President, of ElliptiGO has set some aggressive growth goals for his $2MM company which manufactures and sells a fitness apparatus that provides a low-impact outdoor running experience – it’s essentially an outdoor elliptical machine. He laid out his plans at a recent MIT Enterprise Forum, a unique educational seminar-type business gathering […]

I have a great interview to share with you! Les McKeown spoke with me about the stages companies work through on the way to success, which is the subject of his new book, Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track–and Keeping It There. Les is a serial entrepreneur — he’s launched over 40 […]

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to hear the leaders behind four of the most exciting brands in action sports talk about their journeys as entrepreneurs.  They were brutally honest about their struggles and gave some great advice.  I’ve compiled my notes into the following presentation. Thanks much to the entrepreneurs: Brian Enge, CEO […]