Hold the Cone

brand-as-business bit:  Hold the cone!  No, I don’t mean “hold the phone.”  I’m saying “hold the cone” because that’s what ice cream shop workers should do.  Allow me to explain: Recently while in the Virgin America terminal at SFO, I decided to treat myself to some Pinkberry.  After preparing my cone of yogurt yumminess, the […]


Last week, the Wall Street Journal featured a piece about Lululemon Athletica’s “secret sauce.”   Although many stories have been written about the retailer of yoga-inspired athletic apparel, this one succinctly relayed the elements that distinguish Lululemon from other brands. […]

(Welcome to a “Brand Experience Brief” — insights and analysis of new and interesting restaurant and retail concepts.) REI’s first store in New York City is the quintessential flagship store – it’s big, it’s in a prominent location, and it showcases the brand like no other retail store. Check out my video recap on this […]

DLYohn America’s Next Great Restaurant 04.24.11 Episode 8 Recap from Denise Lee Yohn on Vimeo. other insights from the show: targeting and focus are more important that size and mass appeal — episode 7 recap attention to detail can make or break a business — episode 6 recap the adage “the customer is always right” […]


After hearing Forrester analyst Diane Clarkson talk on “Customer Service Is the New Social Marketing” at eTail last month, I just had to ask her to share her insights here. Diane’s work at Forrester focuses on online customer service and she’s become convinced “social media and customer service are no longer flirting — they are getting […]


Today I have the honor of being a guest blogger on the brainy blog, Neuromarketing.  My post, Maslow, Emotion, and a Hierarchy of Service, proposes a Maslow-inspired hierarchy on the topic of meeting consumer needs and motivations with customer service. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I thought I’d take […]


wrap rage

Amazon has launched a new initiative I’m just thrilled about. The initiative, “Frustration-Free Packaging,” […]