Last Friday Samsung launched a new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, its first product launch following last year’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle.  It’s loaded with ground-breaking features and functionality and has been called an “early favorite for the best phone of 2017,” but it’s probably not enough to re-galvanize the brand.  Samsung needs more than […]


My latest Forbes CMO Network column is based on the basic idea that once customers feel a personal and meaningful bond with your brand, they’re more likely to stick with you. The point seems so fundamental that I almost hesitated to write a piece about it, but as I read about the latest coffee chain […]


(“brand book bites” are book reviews that highlight the most interesting brand stories in the latest best-selling books.  Subscribe to my feed so you don’t miss these regular bulleted briefings on the books I recommend.) –  the book:  Can’t Buy Me Like:  How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results – a salty read about marketing […]

brand-as-business bit:  Hindsight is 20/20. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the history books of failed brands.  Julian Day, RadioShack’s former Chairman-CEO, probably has a few regrets.  Although Day has been out of RadioShack’s hot seat for a year, his leadership marked the beginning of the brand’s demise. With Best Buy fighting for its […]

Four successful leaders in the restaurant business shared wise advice and juicy tidbits at the California Restaurant Association Orange County Chapter‘s CEO/President’s Panel last week.  Panelists included: Skip Fox — President, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Doug Cavanaugh — Chairman, CEO & Founder, Ruby’s Diner Joe Manzella — Proprietor & Founder, TAPS Fish House […]


In a recent post, I described a meeting I led for one of my clients that needed to engage its senior leadership with its brand. And I mentioned that I had started the meeting with a cheeky “What Can Brands Learn from Lady Gaga?” video. Although I can’t show the video here, I did want […]


free to be free

Chris Anderson’s new book, Free:  The Future of a Radical Price, is on the top of my to-read list.  Based on BusinessWeek’s review, it sounds like a provocative read about the how economy and technology have evolved the concept of Free. […]


The branded vs. private label product debates of late had got me thinking about brand loyalty recently and then I came across a great post by a former colleague, David Murphy […]


My birthday was last week (I turned 21 again!  😉 )  Included in the birthday greetings I received were messages from four brands.  Of all the brands […]