brand-as-business bit:  The power of distinctive brand positionings jumped off the page of a recent BusinessWeek write-up about Costco getting sued by Tiffany & Co. for selling “Tiffany” diamond engagement rings. The article suggested Costco customers are pragmatic and deal-driven (“People who can spend [$40,000] on a piece of jewelry aren’t usually the sort to accessorize at Costco.  Yet […]


brand-as-business bit:  In a recent feature, Bloomberg Businessweek detailed “The Battle for Best Buy, the Incredible Shrinking Big Box.”  It was an informative piece about the retailer’s challenges but what caught my eye were the stats outlining key retail metrics: first, real estate — Costco leads the pack of featured retailers at $1,031 and GameStop […]

old carton design

I’ve noticed something lately — name brand food packaged goods are changing their brand visual identities to what seems to me to be a more generic brand look.  […]