To change your strategy – your what – you need to change your how – your culture.  And you need to change your culture first – because your culture is what will ensure your organization is able to execute on your strategy. In my new Brand+Culture Series post on LinkedIn, I show how to use […]


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently referred to Meta employees in a new way:  Metamates.  Is this a good idea?  Should you use a coined name to refer to your employees? The poll I fielded on LinkedIn yielded a definitive answer: It depends.  28% supported the practice of made-up names for employees; 32% voted against it; […]


How aligned and integrated are your external brand identity and internal organizational culture? Does your organization have the right core values that it needs to cultivate your desired culture and achieve your brand vision? How big is the gap between your existing brand identity and the one you aspire to? In what specific ways are […]

back to brand basics

Given all the new media options and technology capabilities today, it’s easy to forget the essential truths about brands.  I read several reminders this past month about getting back to brand basics. […]

Looking for some inspiration about creating extraordinary experiences?  Need some insights on great retail customer experiences?  Check out this new slideshow, featuring the Top 10 Quotes from my new book, Extraordinary Experiences: What Great Retail and Restaurant Brands Do. Top 10 Quotes from Extraordinary Experiences from Denise Yohn My new book Extraordinary Experiences profiles seven […]

In my experience working with some of the world’s greatest brands, I’ve discovered the single most important requirement for building a great brand: ownership of brand-building by executives at the highest level of the organization. More than big marketing budgets, more than breakthrough creative ideas, more than strong sales capability — if you want a great […]

brand leadership by brand council

“Who should own the brand?”  Mitch Joel, digital marketing guru and founder of the agency Twist Image, recently posed this question to me during an interview on his podcast about my book What Great Brands Do (take a listen to the podcast here — it’s one of my favorite interviews).   Mitch was asking about […]

do brand as business

This post wraps up the series of posters from my new book, What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles That Separate the Best from the Rest — Great Brands Do “Brand As Business.”  This brand-as-business management approach is ultimately what distinguishes great brands from merely good ones. […]

brand logos thumbs up

James Surowiecki’s column in The New Yorker last week, Twilight of the Brands, seemed to suggest that brands are dying.  He argued that the usefulness of brands has decreased given that “consumers are supremely well informed and far more likely to investigate the real value of products than to rely on logos.” His observations about […]