Start 2022 With a Reality Check

How aligned and integrated are your external brand identity and internal organizational culture?

Does your organization have the right core values that it needs to cultivate your desired culture and achieve your brand vision?

How big is the gap between your existing brand identity and the one you aspire to?

In what specific ways are your brand and culture disconnected?

Find out with the FUSION Assessment.  Learn more here.

The FUSION Assessment is now available to be taken individually or as a group.

  • If you take the Assessment as an individual, you will assess your organization on several dimensions and then receive a personalized report that shows the results of your inputs. Take the Assessment now here — it’s free!
  • If you would like your team, department, or entire company to take the Assessment, each person will complete the Assessment on their own, and then I will deliver a report that shows the results from your entire group. My analysis will include a custom presentation of conclusions and recommendations for how your organization can achieve brand-culture fusion.  Contact me for an estimate (fees start at $15,000 USD.)

Now is the time to get your culture and brand on track.


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