How aligned and integrated are your external brand identity and internal organizational culture? Does your organization have the right core values that it needs to cultivate your desired culture and achieve your brand vision? How big is the gap between your existing brand identity and the one you aspire to? In what specific ways are […]

brand-as-business bit:  By now you’ve probably read about Interbrand’s latest report on the Best Global Brands.  While most people were focused on the rankings, I was more interested in the piece about the valuation methodology which was buried in the report. Interbrand’s methodology is part art and part science, as evidenced by the inclusion of […]

Earlier this week, I spoke on “Gaining the Competitive Edge:   How Companies Drive Business Growth by Operationalizing Their Brands without Huge Marketing Budgets” at the Marketing Forum.   The workshop outlined the “brand-as-business” management approach — that is, the deliberate and systematic management of the business around the brand — thinking of the brand as the […]