does your company do “brand-as-business”?

Earlier this week, I spoke on “Gaining the Competitive Edge:   How Companies Drive Business Growth by Operationalizing Their Brands without Huge Marketing Budgets” at the Marketing Forum.   The workshop outlined the “brand-as-business” management approach — that is, the deliberate and systematic management of the business around the brand — thinking of the brand as the business.  (You can read more about the workshop here.)

I took the participants through the differences between using a brand as a marketing asset and using it as a management tool — I invited them to complete this assessment of their organizations to help them identify where the biggest gaps might be.  I invite you to take the assessment and let me know the results.

Based on the discussion in the session, it seems like a lot of companies are not realizing the full value of their brands.  One notable exception was IBM — their marketing director described how they have distilled their brand into clear values and attributes and are always working on driving them into their services, R&D, etc.  It was great to hear about their efforts and their success.  You go, Big Blue!

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