5 brands we would miss: a series

24/7 Wall recently ran an article outlining “Twelve Major Brands That Will Disappear.”  They examined 100 “large brands facing troubled futures” and compiled a list of 12 brands that they believe will not survive until the end of 2010.  While the piece outlined the reasons for the brands’ pending demise, I was more interested in what we might lose as a result of the brands’ disappearance.

The brands seemed to call for something like John Moore‘s popular blog series “Would You Miss…”  Occasionally, John names a business and invites readers to respond whether or not they would miss the brand if it were to go out of business — and why.  John was gracious enough to let me riff off his blog and do a series of my own on the imperiled brands identified 24/7 Wall.

So starting tomorrow and for the rest of this week, I’ll be selecting a brand from the list each day and writing a brief commentary on why I would miss it — I would love to hear your reactions to my selections and rationale, as well as your thoughts on which brands you would miss and why.  For now, here’s the 24/7 Wall’s list:

1. Avis/Budget
2. Borders
3. Crocs
4. Saturn
5. Esquire Magazine
6. Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic
7. Architectural Digest Magazine
8. Chrysler
9. Eddie Bauer
10. Palm
11. AIG
12. United Airlines, US Air, or American Airlines

First up:  Avis/Budget — look for the post tomorrow!

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