There’s been a really provocative and passionate debate going on over at the Environmental Leader website about sustainability. It’s challenged me to think about brands, social capital, and sustainability in new ways and so I wanted to share some of my insights with you. It all started with a post by Guy Champniss, an independent […]

The 40th anniversary of the ground-breaking Apollo 11 mission reminds me of a talk by Jim Lovell, the commander of the other famous Apollo mission (#13), which I recently I heard.  In it, Mr. Lovell declared, “I shouldn’t be here,” and attributed the fact that he was indeed still here to the qualities of the […]

24/7 Wall recently ran an article outlining “Twelve Major Brands That Will Disappear.”  They examined 100 “large brands facing troubled futures” and compiled a list of 12 brands that they believe will not survive until the end of 2010.  While the piece outlined the reasons for the brands’ pending demise, I was more interested in […]