Digital Health Soundbites from International CES

CES (the International Consumer Electronics Show) can be overstimulating and overwhelming.  What else would you expect when you combine 150,000+ people, millions of digital technology products, and Las Vegas?!  So, I find it best to focus on a specific topic or type of technology–  and for the last few years my attention has been squarely fixed on digital health and fitness.

For good reason:  75% of online U.S. adults own a fitness technology product and another 127MM Americans plan to buy a fitness device in the next 12 months (according to the Consumer Electronics Association.)  It’s an exciting, rapidly growing field and all sorts of companies are in the game — from major sportswear brands like Nike and UnderArmour to healthcare organizations like United Healthcare and Humana to technology giants like LG and Sony to up and coming start ups like Basis and Jaybird.

I’ve found the best source of insights and information on digital health and fitness are the summits produced by Living In Digital TimesFitnessTech Summit and Digital Health Summit.  Here are 15 sound bites from those summits:

more insights from me on digital health and fitness:

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