mark tomaszewicz on training great leaders

How do you develop leaders who are committed to the purpose of their work, support the foundations of their organization’s brand and culture, and understand that everything they do matters?  That’s the topic of today’s interview.

My guest is Mark Tomaszewicz, Director of The Sharp Experience at Sharp Healthcare. Sharp is one of San Diego’s leading healthcare organizations and The Sharp Experience refers to their culture, values, and brand promise (learn more in this post I wrote last year.)

To elevate The Sharp Experience in the hearts and work of the organization’s leaders, Mark and his team have been taking all 1,500 of Sharp’s leaders through intensive 8-hour training sessions called On-Stage Leadership.

In this fascinating interview, Mark explains the strategy behind On-Stage Leadership and how it goes beyond the what and how of what leaders do on a daily basis by reinforcing why leadership is important and the impact each leader has.   He also shares with us how it’s increased the sense of personal accountability and mutual support among Sharp’s leaders.  We close with how the program ensures the Sharp brand experience is authentic to its brand promise.

Take a listen!

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