Fast Food Line-Up

brand-as-business bit:  There’s been a lot of activity in the fast food world these days:  Burger King just launched a new menu and ad campaign, Wendy’s introduced a new tagline and campaign, and Taco Bell is experimenting with a new menu and tagline.

My colleagues over at E-Poll and I thought it would be helpful to get a handle on just how each of these brands is currently performing.  Here are some of their research findings*:

brand awareness:

  • Burger King – 86%
  • Wendy’s – 80%
  • Taco Bell – 79%


  • Burger King – 53%
  • Wendy’s – 63%
  • Taco Bell – 54%

high quality:

  • Burger King – 13%
  • Wendy’s – 26%
  • Taco Bell – 9%

So, Wendy’s seems to be leading the pack right now.

Also, I thought the following results to the question “What is the slogan for the brand?” were particularly revealing:

Burger King

  • Have It Your Way:   70% (reinstated in 2002 and used sporadically after having been retired in the 1970’s)
  • Home of the Whopper:  9% (never really used as a tagline)


  • Where’s the beef?:   23% (used as a headline beginning last fall after having been retired in the 1980’s)
  • You know when it’s real:   7% (began in Fall of 2009 and ran for 2 1/2 years)

Taco Bell

  • Think outside the bun:  48% (began in 2002 and was just replaced this month)
  • Make a run for the border:  21% (ran in the late 80’s/early 90’s for a few years)
  • Yo quiero Taco Bell:   7% (began in the late 90’s and ran for a few years)
I’ve always thought Have It Your Way is one of the most powerful (yet underutilized) taglines of all time.
It will be telling to revisit these results later this year!

*results from E-Poll Market Research’s E-Score Brand service which surveyed a representative sample of 1,500 respondents aged 13+ years old in early March.

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