Discussion Guide for What Great Brands Do

Ever since my book What Great Brands Do was published, I’ve heard from business leaders who found it to be a rich resource for their thinking and work on brand-building.  Many have told me that they’ve shared the book with their teams and are looking for help in getting their organizations to adopt the brand-as-business management approach.

Look no further!  Today I’m releasing the What Great Brands Do Discussion Guide.  Packed with provocative questions for each chapter, the Guide is intended to stimulate conversations about the brand-building  principles and actions that will move your organization forward.   And best of all, I’m making the guide available for free.  Yep, all you need to do is click on the image below to access the PDF.

WGBD Discussion Questions cover page

I intentionally did not cordon the Guide behind an email sign-up gate or put a price tag on it because I already appreciate that you’ve read my book (and many of you have supported and helped me in other ways.)  If you find the Guide to be helpful, though, please consider doing any or all of the following:

  • join the premier list of business leaders who receive my brand-as-business briefsTM — periodic emailed briefings full of good brand stuff for your brain to chew on
  • share the guide — and the book! — with your friends and colleagues — access the book here
  • purchase a special package of autographed books and printed Discussion Guides — they’re perfect a training class curriculum or off-site exercise
    • 10 autographed books and 10 printed guides = $300
    • 25 autographed books and 25 printed guides = $750
    • additional discounts available for larger quantities
    • contact me to make a purchase

Whether you are the CEO of an enterprise, working on your own start-up or small business, or leading a team within an organization, the What Great Brands Do Discussion Guide will help you think about and start building your brand the way great brands do.

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