Brand Book Bites from BRAND A-Z

– the book:  BRAND A-Z, the latest book from Marty Neumeier, is a dictionary of 1,000 current terms in brand strategy, design, marketing, advertising, innovation, and management.  It’s a much-needed update from the original edition published in 2004.

– the brains:  I’ve been a fan of Marty’s ever since he wrote The Brand Gap, a deceptively short and simple primer on brands and how to bridge the gap between brand strategy and execution.  I learned so much from his perspective on brand-building and the way he served it up.  His other books including Zag: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands and The 46 Rules of Genius: An Innovator’s Guide to Creativity (Voices That Matter) have been equally influential on my thinking.

– the best bits:  Being a dictionary, BRAND A-Z isn’t the sort of book that you read as much as you refer to — but it is fun to flip through and see the breadth of topics it includes.  Plus it’s an interactive e-book, meaning the terms are hyperlinked, so you can get caught up in a journey of discovery and enlightenment as you follow the links wherever they lead.

To give a flavor of what you might learn, here is a sampling of terms and definitions from the letter “D”:

demand elasticity:  In marketing, the sensitivity of sales patterns to a change in price

design:  The discipline or process of changing an existing situation to a preferred one

differentiation:  The process of establishing a unique market position to increase profit margins and avoid commoditization; a central principle of positioning

digital native:  A person immersed in the internet from an early age

divergent thinking:  A mode of thinking that combines fluency, flexibility, and originality to produce new ideas

– the bottom line:  I’ll summarize the book with the blurb that Marty asked me to provide as an Editorial Review:  “BRAND A-Z is a comprehensive resource that all brand-builders can’t – and shouldn’t – live without.  It’s filled with clear, pithy, and enlightening definitions that will help you navigate the brand new world we live and work in today.”


The Service Culture Handbook by Jeff Toister
The 46 Rules of Genius by Marty Neumeier
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