a brand lesson from komen and planned parenthood

brand-as-business bit:  I’m interested in the Komen/Planned Parenthood situation from a brand point of view, not a political or moral one.  That’s why a piece by James Gregory, CEO of Core Brand, a brand valuation consultancy, piqued my interest.

He says the Komen organization should have done things differently by focusing on:

basic ‘brand alignment.’ The brand concept must align the business processes, and with the culture of an organization. Only then does the behavior match the communications. Business processes, culture, and communications are all equal partners in the process of building an enduring brand.

I’m actually not sure which element – business process, culture, and communications — Gregory intended to point out as mis-aligned, but his point is an important one:  brand integrity is achieved when what you believe (culture) informs what you do (business process) and that in turn informs what you say (communications).

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