Whitney Johnson on the Language of Innovation

Whitney Johnson is a self-described “investor of stocks, people, concepts, and dreams.”  As a former investment banker and author of Dare, Dream, Do, Whitney inspires me and many others (including over 35,000 Twitter followers) with her perspectives on business, leadership, women’s challenges and opportunities, and innovation.  It’s this last topic that I invited Whitney to talk about today.

Her recent HBR Blog post, “Innovation Needs a Lingua Franca” shares a valuable perspective on the importance of language and communication in disruptive innovation.rsz_whitneyj_carolinecook

Take a listen to this podcast to learn “When we’re trying to implement a new idea, explore a dream, or disrupt ourselves, we often have to bridge a language gap” and:

  • how socializing an innovation is critical to its success
  • how to engage your organization in disruptive innovation
  • why your choice of pronouns matters
  • and more…

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