The principles in my book, What Great Brands Do:  The Seven Brand-Building Principles That Separate the Best from the Rest can be applied to employees, employee experience, and employee engagement. For example, in WGBD, I explain that Great Brands Avoid Selling Products.  Instead of simply focusing on selling products or services to customers, great brands […]

#WGBD pinterest board

Spot a great brand in action?  Want to share your favorite brand?  Inspired by a new brand?  Please share your images on my new #WGBD Pinterest board — or tag your Twitter or Instagram posts with the hashtag #WGBD and I’ll make sure they get added to the board.  Images of anything — a product, […]

V18 little things used

From What Great Brands Do:  All the little things you do — or fail to do — for your customers in person will out-communicate the big things you clam through mass media. This is a good reminder in this season of big budget advertising campaigns.  According to a recent study from Nielsen, last year’s fourth-quarter represented […]

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Just Say No

From What Great Brands Do:  To be great, you need to say no.   I thought of this insight when I read a recent Businessweek article by Lindsay Rupp, “J. Crew CEO Drexler Says Retailer Will Sit Out Athletic Trend.”  J. Crew Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mickey Drexler is quoted as explaining the decision, “Where we thought […]

V15 what business

From What Great Brands Do:  Asking “What business are we really in?” drives the development of innovations that break boundaries while maintaining critical emotional ties to consumers. For example, the folks at Uber bill the company as a “transportation network” and they talk about evolving the way people move.  The company mission:  Transportation as reliable […]

WGBD Cover

Today marks the six month anniversary of the launch of my new book, What Great Brands Do! Thank you to all of you who have read the book, given it to friends/colleagues/clients, posted a review or write-up, interviewed me, shared it with your social networks, and otherwise helped make the launch so successful!  I am […]

connect internal culture to external cultural movements

From What Great Brands Do:  By connecting internal culture to broader cultural movements, great brands create futures in which they thrive and grow. What do I mean?  How about: Lululemon Athletica employees are part of the movement that’s making yoga more than just an exercise routine. Zappos employees are on a mission to “wow” customers at just […]

great brands don't chase customers

From What Great Brands Do: Great brands know that if you try to be all things to all people, you’ll never connect deeply with anyone.     Here are a few resources to inspire your thinking about narrowing your customer focus: Mercedes Is Driving Dangerously, Chasing Customers Why Red Bull Loves Its Haters Great Brands Don’t […]