Looking for some inspiration about creating extraordinary experiences?  Need some insights on great retail customer experiences?  Check out this new slideshow, featuring the Top 10 Quotes from my new book, Extraordinary Experiences: What Great Retail and Restaurant Brands Do. Top 10 Quotes from Extraordinary Experiences from Denise Yohn My new book Extraordinary Experiences profiles seven […]

Brand Experience Week draws to a close today with a Brand Experience Brief about a great brand in the making.  This video audit and analysis introduces sweetgreen, a 30-unit salad quick serve restaurant concept, that brings the company mission and values to life in every aspect of the customer experience. DLYohn Brand Experience Brief: sweetgreen from Denise Lee […]

Today we continue our series of video audits and analyses of new or interesting restaurant and retail concepts.  Hope you’re enjoying and learning from Brand Experience Week. Just a quick refresher: On Monday, we looked at SuperChix, a new chicken sandwich restaurant concept from Yum Brands. Tuesday’s video was about Evolution Fresh, a new juice-based […]

Welcome to Day 2 of Brand Experience Week — a virtual extravaganza of videos that audit and analyze new or interesting restaurant and retail concepts.  These Brand Experience Briefs share my insights into how to design customer experiences that are original, compelling, and memorable. Yesterday, I shared about SuperChix, a new test concept from Yum Brands […]

Welcome to Brand Experience Week!  Every day this week I’ll be releasing a new Brand Experience Brief, a video audit and analysis of a new or interesting restaurant or retail concept.  My goal is to identify the elements of a great brand experience so that you can apply the learnings to your customer experience design. Today […]

(Here’s my latest Brand Experience Brief and it’s a fun one — if you’d like to suggest I audit a brand experience at a new or interesting restaurant or retail concept, please email me at mail [at] deniseleeyohn [dot] com.)  Have you heard of the main attraction in Austin, Gourdough’s Big. Fat. Donuts.?!  Fans line up for the fantastical […]

(Here’s a new Brand Experience Brief.  Check out other video briefings about the brand experiences at new or interesting restaurant or retail concepts.) Farm to Table is a growing movement in American culture and True Food Kitchen, a new restaurant concept, is poised to seize the moment with a well-designed brand experience. Brand Experience Brief: […]

(Here’s the latest brand experience brief.  In each of these short videos, I provide an audit and analysis of a new or interesting restaurant or retail concept.) Cafe Bene has become a coffee brand with excellent cafe design. Caffe Bene may be to Starbucks what Smashburger is to McDonald’s — a niche competitor with a distinctive product […]