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Help me celebrate the 1-year anniversary of my blog by voting on your favorite blogpost!  As a thank you, your vote will qualify you to win a $50 gift card from […]

ben & jerrys flipped out

Two of my favorite brands recently introduced innovations that brought me such delight, I was prompted to think about what was so remarkable about them. What was it about them that not only delivered a great experience, but also grew my esteem of their respective brands?? […]


This post was inspired by a recent tweet from Gabriel Rossi, a “branding strategist” (as he calls himself) based in Sao Paulo — I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Gabriel through my blog and Twitter […]


My birthday was last week (I turned 21 again!  😉 )  Included in the birthday greetings I received were messages from four brands.  Of all the brands […]

I noticed an interesting juxtaposition of taglines the other day — actually it was during the Super Bowl, but don’t worry, this isn’t yet another piece about Super Bowl ads (I’ve already said my peace, as I hope everyone else has.) […]