#WGBD pinterest board

Spot a great brand in action?  Want to share your favorite brand?  Inspired by a new brand?  Please share your images on my new #WGBD Pinterest board — or tag your Twitter or Instagram posts with the hashtag #WGBD and I’ll make sure they get added to the board.  Images of anything — a product, […]

WGBD Cover

Today marks the six month anniversary of the launch of my new book, What Great Brands Do! Thank you to all of you who have read the book, given it to friends/colleagues/clients, posted a review or write-up, interviewed me, shared it with your social networks, and otherwise helped make the launch so successful!  I am […]

The virtual collage of great brands in action, using the hashtag #WGBD, is off to a great start! Here are some of my favorite posts so far: Intelligent, strategic intro film @ #Frozen. 8min of: original and current Mickey are one. #WGBD @deniseleeyohn pic.twitter.com/Xpsh8B77Ey — Chris Frank (@crispyfrank) December 31, 2013 Ben & Jerry’s Ice […]

delta's safety video adds some brand pizzazz to the mundane


I love brands!  I’m fascinated by the sway they exert over people’s purchases.  I’m amazed by the ones that really make me “think different.”  I think it’s so cool when creative ones find innovative ways to engage me.  I admire the ones that are changing the world. […]