#WGBD pinterest board

Spot a great brand in action?  Want to share your favorite brand?  Inspired by a new brand?  Please share your images on my new #WGBD Pinterest board — or tag your Twitter or Instagram posts with the hashtag #WGBD and I’ll make sure they get added to the board.  Images of anything — a product, […]

The virtual collage of great brands in action, using the hashtag #WGBD, is off to a great start! Here are some of my favorite posts so far: Intelligent, strategic intro film @ #Frozen. 8min of: original and current Mickey are one. #WGBD @deniseleeyohn pic.twitter.com/Xpsh8B77Ey — Chris Frank (@crispyfrank) December 31, 2013 Ben & Jerry’s Ice […]

delta's safety video adds some brand pizzazz to the mundane


I love brands!  I’m fascinated by the sway they exert over people’s purchases.  I’m amazed by the ones that really make me “think different.”  I think it’s so cool when creative ones find innovative ways to engage me.  I admire the ones that are changing the world. […]