start strong, stay strong, finish strong

brand-as-business bit:   OPEN Forum just published my latest column, 5Lessons from NBC’s ‘The Voice’ on How to Differentiate Your Brand.

In addition to providing insights on differentiation, the blind auditions on ‘The Voice’ conveyed some other important marketing lessons:

  • start strong – A single strong starting note was sometimes enough to make an impression on the coaches.   And, marketers aren’t always given a second chance to make a first impression.  So make sure a launch breaks through with a clear, compelling message upfront.
  • stay strong – One contestant nearly lost it when a couple of coaches turned their chairs around.  In her excitement over their response, she lost her focus on continuing to execute well.  Marketers sometimes also forget that a customer acquisition is only the first step in a relationship that must be consistently executed and continuously nurtured.
  • finish strong – Some coaches waited until the last moment to push their buttons.  And when they did, it was a sweet reward for those contestants with sticktoitiveness.  Repeated exposure and a consistent presence also work for marketers.  Oftentimes, we tend to tire of our efforts or cut bait too quickly.

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