JD Gershbein on Achieving Success with Linkedin

JD Gershbein, a master of the art and science of LinkedIn, joins me for a conversation.


In addition to speaking and teaching workshops around the country about LinkedIn, JD serves as a LinkedIn strategic adviser to businesses and has been featured on FOX TV News and CBS TV News, and in print in Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and more.  His first book, The LinkedIn Edge: Creating a Psychological Advantage in Social Business, due out later this year, deals with the neuroscience, psychology and behaviors that drive success on LinkedIn.  So he’s the perfect person to tell us:

  • how can people move from a casual understanding of LinkedIn to truly achieving on the site?
  • what are the most common mistakes people make when using LinkedIn?
  • how should we view and value LinkedIn relative to other social networks like Google+ or Twitter

Take a listen — then check out JD’s LinkedIn profile and connect with him on Twitter at @jdgershbein .

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