It’s All Relative

brand-as-business bit:  This week’s BusinessWeek features a story outlining Campbell’s strategy to stem the tide of declining soup sales.  The venerable firm is introducing Go! Soup, a “ready-to-eat meals line coming this month in varieties that include chorizo, pulled chicken with black beans, and golden lentils with madras curry.

One commentator expressed his skepticism about the appeal of the line priced at $2.99, saying “…paying extra for an accompaniment to a meal may be a stretch.”  I certainly hope Campbell’s isn’t planning to market these products as sides to accompany an entree.  That would be a mistake and certainly call into question the value proposition.  Instead the company should promote these as convenient meal alternatives and invite comparisons to a fast food sandwich or prepared foods from a grocery store.

When it comes to positioning, it’s all relative.  Campbell’s should carefully choose its competitive frame of reference to anchor value perceptions.

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