brand-as-business bit:  A recent piece in Businessweek got me thinking about the customer purchase decision process prior to the shelf.  The article by Sam Grobart reported on Motorola’s measly ad budget compared to Apple‘s and Samsung‘s at $1BB and $4BB respectively (ironic that a $500MM campaign is considered inadequate — but that’s another blog post.) […]

brand-as-business bit:  How did Get Lucky, the catchy pop single by Daft Punk, get to be considered the hit song of the summer?  According to a write-up by Eric Spitznagel in a recent Businessweek article, the group and its producers employed smart marketing strategies that provide inspiration for all marketers: media selection – Daft Punk […]



brand-as-business bit:   In Deadlines and Disruption, the memoir by Stephen B. Shepard, editor-in-chief of Businessweek from 1984 to 2005, Shepard writes about a conversation with Oz Elliott, former editor of Newsweek: He thought that institutions—whether magazines or companies—sometimes fail because of weak leadership. There is no vision or strategy. But sometimes, he said, even strong leaders with […]

brand-as-business bit:  This week’s BusinessWeek features a story outlining Campbell’s strategy to stem the tide of declining soup sales.  The venerable firm is introducing Go! Soup, a “ready-to-eat meals line coming this month in varieties that include chorizo, pulled chicken with black beans, and golden lentils with madras curry.” One commentator expressed his skepticism about […]


Hip Help

brand-as-business bit:  While perusing the aisles at Target awhile back, I stumbled across these really great packages of healthcare products and fell in love: I was so pleased to read the story behind such an ingenious brand in Businessweek.   (Be sure to check out the sidebar on the playbook of gimmicks used in most […]

most popular

Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s publication of its “The Popularity Issue:  America’s most popular products and how they got that way” makes some fascinating statements about today’s business culture — but not because of the items it named (although those do make for an interesting read.) The fact that a business publication would devote an issue to things […]


In recent weeks, both the New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek ran stories on the booming music concert business.  The Times piece, A Front-Row Seat, to Go? Rock Fans Pay for Perks relayed the success of VIP packages which give concert goers special perks like face time with the artists at thousands of dollars a […]

best global brands

Now that everyone has had a chance to digest BusinessWeek/Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report, I thought I’d offer some suggestions for how to use the results. There’s a risk that if someone doesn’t know what brand valuation really means or what it’s useful for, the conclusions and implications drawn from the report could be off. […]