Develop Greatness Among Employees to Deliver Greatness to Customers

From What Great Brands Do:  If you don’t develop greatness among your employees, your employees are unlikely to deliver greatness to customers.

V11 greatness

Learn more in The Secret Sauce of Employee Recruiting and Engagement, a three-part post I wrote for The Keva Dine Agency, a leading recruitment and placement agency for the creative industries.

  1. Part One:  By knowing where organizations are moving in their hiring efforts and the building of their brand, you can spot the type of work environment that will keep you engaged and ultimately, happy.
  2. Part Two:  Gaining attention from internal candidates and external potential candidates organically grows when employees feel their personal needs are met, values are aligned and their rewarded for their contributions.
  3. Part Three:  Great brands know that their brand is the strongest employee recruitment and engagement tool it has because of its power to connect.

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